Step-parent Rights

There is no abaolute “legal” answer to your question. You should site down with the other parent and come to a new agreement on this issue. If you have trouble talking then consider using a mediator to help.

Don’t wait for the misunderstanding to get out of hand.

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Thanks for the quick response!

When my separation agreement was signed five years ago my ex and I were both single (obviously). In our papers there’s a section that states that the other parent should be contacted to provide care for the children if the custodial parent (for that day) cannot, prior to contacting a third party. Over the years we’ve made that a “if it’s more than 2 hours” rule. Since then, I have been married (almost 2 years now), my ex has not although he came close 2 years ago.

The question is this, where does the step-parent come into this equation? For example, I had to work recently and my husband did not. The kids didn’t have school due to snow, so they stayed home with him (their choice) rather than go to a daycare program. My ex says that I should have contacted him to pick them up in the morning, that it was his right to have them, and that my husband has no legal standing in our agreement (of course he’s not mentioned in the agreement, he didn’t exist then!) I say that custody doesn’t change till the end of the day when he would have gotten them had there been school, and that my husband had a right to keep them since it was my day as far as our custody agreement goes.

The ex also has his parents/mother keep the kids on a regular basis (overnight even)without consulting me.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, both legal and from other parents in the same situation!

Thank you-