Stepmother's income -Child Suport

I make significantly more than my fiance who has one child and is paying child support. After we are married, will my income be calculated into the amount of CD he has to pay?

Once we are married, if he decides to stop working and we are living only on my income, will he still be required to pay child support if his income is zero?

My fiance is divorced-he makes about 10K less than his X. He recently inherited a sizable amt. of money.
His X wants him to pay more in CD now. Is that legal? We are planning (and have all along) to use that money to fix up our house. Thank you.

Sorry–CD was supposted to be CS for child support.

Your income is not factored into his child support calculation, only the parents’ incomes are used. If he stops working to avoid paying support, the court may impute income to him in the amount he is capable of earning for purposes of calculating support.

His inheritance is not regular, recurring income and therefore the same is not considered in a child support determination.