Still dont know what to do


I pay way more support than a court would require in order to keep from going to court. I dont want the drama nor to put my kids thru that. I am the one that left do to verbal/emotional abuse. At the time we signed the separation agreement (not by a lawyer, but own our own and notorized) his disability was pending approval and he did not tell me this info. Do I just cut my losses and run in order to avoid a long,costly court battle so that someone can feel they are “justified”? He will keep the house, he wants primary custody of the children so I will have to pay support and I carry medical insurance on the children. I love my children very much and do not want to put them thru all of the drama I know he is wanting to do. It makes it hard for me to work financially and I have been the main person that has worked during our marriage. He has found fault and issues with prior jobs in the past before he became disabled. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.