Story my son wrote

My son wrote a very revealing story in school about how he feels about his parents and family. I think it is relevant. How could I authenticate that it was written in school? I wasn’t planning on the teacher as a witness because I hate to make my son the talk of the school in terms of the custody battle. I try to keep school a neutral ground. My attorney doesn’t believe in affidavits because he says you can’t cross examine a piece of paper and firmly believes that. Would me taking the picture of the booklet still in the school where I got it at Open House be enough? I didn’t photograph every page. I had my son read the story to me and tape recorded it. I made sure to ask, Is this the story you wrote at school? I don’t know whether that is enough. Again this story is VERY revealing about his feelings. He is too young to testify as to his feelings and I don’t want to directly ask him these questions becaue I don’t think that it is good for him to interrogate him and I doubt that looks very good to a judge. I don’t even know if he would look down on recording the story but my son was eager to read it to me and had been waiting and waiting for me to get it at Open House so I recorded a natural conversation with no prompting or manipulating on my part other than to ask him if this was the story he wrote at school and have him read it.


You may attempt to play the tape in court, however I would defer to your attorney’s recommendations on this issue as part of a larger case strategy.