Subpoena someone's former boss to authenticate email addres?

Is this done? Is it considered rude and imposing on someone who’s not even involved in this mess? And if I am the defendant, chances are very likely I would not be asking this person to testify until after 12 noon? I don’t want to impose, but given what is at stake here, I can’t care THAT much about someone else’s time. I don’t like the idea, no, but this is important.

I don’t believe it’s a good idea. Proving ownership of the email address is not the same as proving that the owner of the address wrote the email.

I see what you are saying, but Kathy is NOT going to be honest. The closest I could come, I am thinking right now, is to have her former employer confirm that yes, that was her email. And isn’t it up to the judge, whether she believes something or not? This is the only thing I can think of to link the paper trail to her. She has already shown that she WILL lie on the stand.

So considering that . . . is it still a bad idea? NOpe, it doesn’t prove that she wrote the email, but it would prove that was HER email address at that time.

It is up to the judge to determine the facts, and its up to you to determine what evidence is most important.

I know her. She will lie. Just like she did before at the temp hearing. It aws really easy to her, she got away with it, and she does not want to admit that she told me all of this.

If her former boss is there, even if he resents it. I know enough about this man to know he would not lie: yes, that was her eamil address, and yes, she worked for us at the time.

Seems to me that’s the best way to go about proving that the email was hers. And even if someone says, yeah, that’s my email address, it doesn’t prove they wrote it.

Or so it seems to me. But I’m not an attorney. I just wish I never needed one.