Proof of affair


also what can I do, to force her name off the deed for the house?


You sound rather stressed. [:o)]

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Only you know if the e-mails are true so don’t try to run from the truth, if there aren’t any then why are you worried as far as talking to your mother, thats was your mother words not yours, lets keep it real If you said something in those e-mail or you have been talking to other women(as far as cheating)through e-mails then yes your guilty and why try to lie when she has proof, as far as the house, How can she put you out of the martial address unless the police made you leave or you left voluntary, right know you making yourself sound guilty. if you get attorney it will be usless if you dont tell everything and I mean everything. Attorney are not there to judge you but tohelp if they can.


right now Im out of the house, because of a BS domestic violence accusation. Im worried about it because in this state men are guilty until proven innocent. I know I have done nothing wrong, but a judge will always believe a crying women over a man everyday of the week.


since when does talking to some one in email count as having an affair? I email (from time to time) with male (and female) friends from high school and college that I haven’t seen in years and have NEVER had sex with. That’d be idiotic for my husband to accuse me of having an affair with them based on any of those ‘keeping in touch’ type of email.


Dear beanz2166:

Greetings. If she has information on the fact that you had the time and inclination to have an affair, then the e-mails may be sufficient.

No, you cannot do anything about the fake accusations. Thank you.

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my wife is constantly accusing me of having an affair. She says that she has “emails” that I have sent to another women, in another state that I have never met. what legally constitutes of having an affair, can she show these mystery emails? also she is saying that she has emails between me and my mother (they dont like each other) in which my mother tells me to divorce with her. Is this any illegal activity I should worry about.

to make it even better she accused me of domestic violence so currently IM out of the house and she has everything. Car, house and everything with it.

is there anything I can press on her for all these fake accusations?