Since I have the hardest time getting proper information from my ex and /or his lawyer is it OK for me to Subponea the information I need on my own? I know what ever I subpoena will be recorded in the court files and I think it may anger his lawyer- is there something his lawyer could do to me if he sees I have subponea records?

You may have the clerk issue a subpoena on your behalf, and you are required to serve a copy of the same on your ex’s attorney.

Are you sayingI need to copy my ex’s lawyer on the Subpoena? or I need to copy him on the results from the subponea?
I ask because they told me at court I need 3 copies- I assumed one for the court, one for the person I was subponeaing and one for my records??

You need to serve a copy on your ex’s attorney as well.