Getting copies of police reports


I’m wondering how far back they go? Is this stuff kept on microfiche or anything like that? Would I go to the police department when it was the town’s police, or would I go to the courthouse or the Public Safety Building dowtown. In one incident, he was arrested.

Is it possible to get copies of police reports when no one was arrested? And what about when charges were filed, later dismissed?


You can call the police to get copies of all the reports on record. I don’t know how any one police department keeps their records.

In order to introduce a police report the officer who took the report must be subpoenaed to testify.


Really? YOu can’t just show the report, just to show that, yes, one more time, the police were called?


You can show the report to prove the police were called, but nothing in the report can be introduced as evidence without the officer present.




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