Can and How do I Subpoena records?

I need to get copies of police reports for certain events involving my STBX wife, as well as State DSHS records of the investigation and the case of my wife drinking and physically attacking and verbally abusing one of our children (13yo). I was told I needed a subpoena to get any of the records or reports. How can I get these? I have seen the form for a subpoena, but how do I designate exactly what I want and who is supposed to give it to me, etc.? If I get the subpoenas can I walk into the police station or DSHS for example and show it to them and get the records then? Please help me understand the process and mechanics. Thanks! :slight_smile:

If suit has been filed you may have the clerk issue the subpoena after you fill in what it is you are requesting such as “any and all documents, reports, or any other writings concerning the Jane Doe and the incident which occurred on X date” Once the subpoena is issued you the clerk it must be served by the sheriff’s office or a process server as a party cannot serve a subpoena.