My son and his wife had an altercation and he moved out for a short time as requested by social services because she had no place to go. Both agreed to parent classes and she was ordered to seek counseling. His wife has a problem with anger management and a few years ago spend 11 days in an acute care psych ward. We were told she couldn’t cope being alone with 2 kids, (son deployed). His wife again started to display anger\rage and my son left and informed social services as per agreement with social services. She changed the locks and he hasn’t been able to get anything out of the house except some clothes. Everything is in his name because of her bad credit, but title to house is in both names. Can he subpoena her health records to show the courts her mental instability?

Health records are privileged, and in this instance I do not see that the need for the records will outweigh that priviledge.


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