Summary Judgement - No contest Divorce - Union County

Rosen provides several self-help resources and I’m hoping you will answer this question for me.

I am Plaintiff in a self-help uncontested divorce in Union County, NC. My question is regarding the Motion for Summary Judgment.

After filing for divorce, I served my Ex via Certified Mail
I filed the “Affidavit of Service of Process by Certified Mail” with the Clerk’s Office.
My ex did not answer the Complaint.
After allowing more than 30 days to pass, I filed the following:
“Notice of Hearing for Divorce”
“Request for Setting For Divorce”
“Motion for Summary Judgment and Notice of Hearing.”
“Divorce Judgment”

My Ex does not plan to show up for court or contest anything and there are no other issues on the table. ie alimony, child support, equitable distribution, etc.
Question: Do I need to show up for court on the date of the hearing or will the judge grant the divorce based on the filings I have made?

You need to be there. If you do not show up, your motion may be dismissed.