Summer visitation - crummy situation!

Note to Lee Rosen. You are dealing with someone that you cannot give advice to. Sadmom was the Plaintiff in a case where you represented me, the defendant. Since you are still (technically) the attorney of record for me (not her) I would ask that you not communicate with this person further. She is using you.

Sadmom has an attorney, Charles (

Not true, no one is “using” anyone and I’m sure many of the people who post out here for advise already have or have contacted attorneys. The web site didn’t say anything about who can and can’t post out here, nor that you can’t be under advise from legal council. Actually, I searched looking to see if there were any rules stating that it would be a conflict of interest for me to post here. So if I’ve broken any “rules” my apologies. I’m just wanting an opinion and/or to talk to anyone in a similar situation.

Anyhow, I’m not going to get into a back and forth out here with my ex so I bid you good day and thanks for the other advise from an earlier post. I think this is a great resource for people going through the hell of divorce and it’s aftermath.

PS - One clarification though, Chas is now a partner in his own firm "Coltrane, Aycock, and Overfield. [:D]

I am sorry you are having a difficult time and that your ex is chasing you onto this board. Judging from your post and happydad

Thank you, thank you! You can’t imagine how much I appreciate your kind words. I will definitely check out the emotional support site.

And beside an occasional hiccup like this one, I truly have gone on with my life. I have the best kids a mom could ever hope for and the greatest, most supportive, noble husband in the world. I have finally come to experience what a happy, functional, loyal relationship is. I so hope that all of you out there that have been through this divorce “yuck”, can find this type of marriage because it is out there. Keep the faith! [:)]

New question regarding visitation: as mentioned in a previous post, I am planning to resign my fulltime job in order to stay home this summer and then find a part-time job that will allow me to be home with my children (8 & 5) after school. New husband is very supportive and ex was initially. Now since an argument regarding CS once I quit my job (previous post), ex has done something really crummy which I would love a legal opinion on.

Our visitation order reads that he get the children every other weekend, one week night for dinner, various holidays and 4 non-consecutive weeks in the summer. He has never, ever taken the 4 weeks in the summer. Mainly because he works and doesn