Temporary Child Custody - Charlotte/Mint Hill, NC


Good evening,

My boyfriend and I have been dating for seven years and we have a two year old son. We moved to NC from VA June 2012 and have been renting a home in Mint Hill, a rural town part of Charlotte/Mecklenburg County. I found plenty of evidence to show that he has been cheating on me (texts, emails, private Twitter messages, internet history, etc). He has not spent the night the past six nights AND admitted he spent those nights completely inebriated, so I plan to leave him after I make an action plan of moving out, childcare, utilities and so on. I first want to file for temporary child custody of our son so that my soon to be ex cannot take him or refuse to give him back to me after a visit.

Where do I go? How do I do so? I have a VA driver’s license, have been renting a home in Mint Hill, NC and work in Matthews, NC. My son is receiving Medicaid from Mecklenburg County. Do I go to a courthouse? Town hall? Thank you so much for your attention and help with my personal issue!



Since you have lived in NC for more than 6 months with the child, jurisdiction is proper here, so you can file with in Mecklenburg County. You will need to refer to the local rules for the county on specific forms for filing in the county, but you can also refer to our website for information on child custody claims including a sample form for a complaint for custody for your reference.