Terminate Parental Rights

My Ex-husband and I have a 1 year old child together. He has seen her about 5 times total during the year. I found out that he is a contract marriage, and doing steroids while serving in the Military. I paid for the divorce lawyer and currently paying for the Child Custody Lawyer. He willingly singed my custody agreement to give me sold and exclusive custody with him having visitation rights as the parties agree upon. He’s apartment is not baby proofed, he has no car, he has anger issues, and just got don’t AA classes. My current husband has been with my child from Day 1. He thinks of her as her own and would like to adopt her. There is no child support set/court granted. He has not sent/given any money even in the form of a toy for now 1 year. What do I have e to do to terminate his rights?

You would need to file a motion to terminate his rights with the court.