Terminating parental rights

My son is currently 4.5. My ex-husband has not seen him in a year, before that was 7 months and before that was maybe once a month. He paid child support on and off and more recently, the past at least 7 months he has paid 56 a week because its taking right out of his unemployment.
He has pretty much no interest in being in our sons life and we both talked and decided that him terminating his rights would be best. My husband and I will be married a year in a few months and he wants to adopt my son. So I wanted to know what the process is and where do I start to terminate his rights and allow my husband to adopt him.
Thank you

You will need to file an action to terminate the father’s rights with the court system. A judge will hear the case and make a determination consistent with the child’s best interests. I strongly suggest that you consult with an attorney who practices in this particular area of the law before moving forward.
You may contact our office for a referral by dialing the main number and selecting extension 100.