The Beginning of the End


Change the locks he has left you this is called abandonment look into the law first alittle if so take all his stuff out and never let him back in. If he comes back to the house call the police this is tespassing and he then can be locked up for that mine tried and WOW she never came back to the house.
The police was at your house ? why. Did you file any type of report?
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Dear napier11706:

Greetings. If you write him a letter, and possibly call him or have an attorney do so, and inform him not to return, then he cannot or it will be Domestic Criminal Trespass, which is a crime in NC. Yes, you could change the locks, but I have seen the police allow people back in.

No, you should not get in trouble by packing his stuff. No, you cannot violate his legal rights if he chooses to sleep in someone else’s house (illegally on his part) or in his car, etc. Thank you.

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After numerous fights and arguements, the police were finally called to my home and they told me that they nor I cannot put my husband out of the house, but once the police left he never returned inside. My question is 1. Can he come back now that he left voluntarily (It’s been 3 days)2. Can I change the locks (this is a rental property) 3. Can I get in trouble if I pack all of his belongings (The kids said that they have seen him around the neighborhood)4. He is sleeping outside on the side of the house or either in the abandoned house next door, Am I in any violation of his legal rights?