Trying to do the right thing

My emails me occasionally wanting extra time with the children because she feels she doesn’t get to see them much bc she,in her words,“gives up her time with them when they have activities going on”, when she could just take them to their games/practices and spend time with them that way. On the weekends when she is supposed to have them, they are spending the night with other people or doing things with other family member’s while my X just stay’s at home. This past week she was supposed to get them on Thursday night and just told me she couldn’t. She gave me no reason why. Later we found out she was off all day on the following Friday. This was a perfect opportunity for her to get them on Thursday nite and take my daughter to practice,watch her and spend all day with them on Friday. BUT she chose not to.
It’s almost like she doesn’t utilize her time with them but wants my time with them and trys to make me feel/look like the bad person when I tell her no. I really wouldn’t mind if they went to her an extra nite or 2 every couple of months BUT she never does anything with them when they are with her. What should I do? Should I agree with her to keep peace and look like a good guy to her or stand my ground for what’s right for them. Considering the circumstances they really don’t want to go to her home any exra, I almost have to make them. What do I do??

You are only obligated to give her the time spelled out for her in the Order. As for what is best for your children, only you can answer that.