Unmarried cohabitation by ex


My ex-wife and I have joint custody of our two children (son-6, daughter-5). I am the primary custodian according to the existing consent order and my children reside with me 5 days per week. My ex recently began cohabiting full-time with her boyfriend. I am not comfortable exposing my children to this situation on a weekly basis. There is not any language in the consent order that prohibits this behavior. Do I have any recourse? Thanks.


Unless you can prove that the BF is a danger to your children, no. You cannot control your ex’s behavior post divorce, just as she cannot control yours.


If the Order does not forbid this type of behavior you do not have immediate recourse. You may attempt to have the Order modified based on a substantial change in circumstances affecting the well begin of the children (the new living arrangements at your ex’s home).