Visitation after move

If my ex moves over 130 miles away (she has primary custody), would the court still allow me visitation every other weekend? What do courts usually do in this situation? I do not oppose the move just want to keep regular visitation.

It depends on what your current custody order says. If the order allows for every other weekend visitation with you and you and the mother will still be able to make that happen despite the move, then you may not need to change anything. Her move may disrupt the times and location of the drop off/pick up location of the child/children however. If you have any weekday visitation, this could also be disrupted by the move.

The Court can modify a custody order when there is a substantial change in circumstances. A move by a parent that will make the current court order difficult to follow may qualify for modification, but a judge will still ensure that you have adequate, quality visitation time with your child/children.