Visitation vs. arrest record

i just found out that my ex has been arrested 2x, (yes that is not a typo) within the past month (uno,one)… the first was in beginning of feb of this year for an assault on his ex fiance and then another one at the beginning of march of this year for breaking and entering into her home. she has a son with him and one from a previous relationship. she filed a report on him and he was arrested. the same thing happened to me when we broke up, but i didn’t file a police report.

he has every other weekend visitation with my son, but he does not take advantage of it. the last time he picked up his son was the end of january and when he spoke to my son over the weekend he mentioned that he wanted to get him this weekend and that maybe his mom could meet up with my mom on friday to pick up his son. (i was not present for this conversation, i was working but my mom told me this is what he mentioned to her)

my question is, i feel that my son is in danger - how do i go about getting the custody temporarily modified with the weekend just 3 business days away? he did these two things while she was at home with her children, which in my mind he has put his child in danger because of his mental state.

he is the type of person who will do something mean because he knows it will hurt your feelings.


You may file a motion for emergency custody which, if granted, will allow you to have sole physical custody until a hearing can be had which allows both you and your ex to present your case.