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Why don’t you take Mom to court for a change in custody and have the child see a counselor while she is with you?

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i sort of do, i am currently deployed, my kid is 2 1/2 with an older 4 yr old sister. since my leaving my kids have no contact with one another. My ex wife (mother of older child) is actually more supportive and helpful with my issues concerning my children than my current spouse, which seems to be only concerning with spending all the money she can and selling off all my personal property. I havent spoken to my younger child on a semi-regular basis since i left. i do intend on seeking a joint custody agreement with primary custody upon my return stateside, maybe you should consider the same. in my case it would work out for the best, because i would have her during the school year. whatever you do, i wish you luck for the child’s sake.


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Here is our story. My husband and I have had to fight for visitation rights continiously for years, because his ex continually goes against the court order (you’d think she’d be held in contempt by now!). Anyways, we had his daughter for a month long visit this July, and she is overweight, dirty and greasy, has poor speech and grammar (her speech is equivalent to a three year old, no kidding!), she doesn’t even have a desire to go outside to play or meet kids her own age!!! Her teeth are turning yellow due to lack of brushing, etc. I could go on and on, its basically a parents worse nightmare!!! We have tried to help her as much as we can, but without her mothers help we don’t get very far! She will be going into the fourth grade, but her ability in all subjects is far below that of a fourth grader! Her 6 year old cousin can do math and reading at a higher level than she can! My husband has tried talking to her mother, but all her mother does scream at him! We both feel trapped in a bad situation. We want what is best for his daughter, but we get no support from her mother or my husband’s attorney. Anyone else out there having difficulties like this?