Well lets see if this post is worthy of a response!


no one knows better than the parent(s) whats good and what isnt good for a child. to me its pure child abuse to force a child to agree to a courts decision when you see the effects that its having on them, most especially when the child isnt old enough to understand that the “judge says you have to” and that you have no control over it and no other choice.

child is 2.5 years old. since temp schedule of every other weekend…and court ordered schedule came about…2-2-3 which is technically a 2-2-5-5…these are the problems that have occured…

several months of diarrhea
several bouts of yeast infections
temperament changes
refusal at times to not go with other parent, and blah bland looks/actions when parents comes to get child
child repeatedly says father doesnt play with her, child repeatedly says she doesnt want to go when we try to get her pumped up for dads arrival
night terrors
severe clinginess to the mother. mother cant even go to the bathroom without child throwing fits.
mother works, so child doesnt get to spend all day everyday with her when child is here for vists, but once mother is home, no one…and i mean no one can cater to the child but the mother…whether it be getting a drink, whether it be putting a cup in the sink, whether it be waking through the nights, whether it be getting her out of car seat…she wants NO ONE but her mother tending to her when she is home.

we did take her to a psychologist about night terrors, which terrors went on for 7 months. they have eased…but night times are still very rough! child averages 4 really good hours of sleep per night, but either talks in her sleep, cries out very often in her sleep, very restless in her sleep…and she actually wakes up twice through the night every single night.

when you see the effects that this is having on a child, what can a person do to get the courts to see that this just isnt “in the childs best interests” and to get the custody order revisited??? …we have videos of the night terrors, videos of the restless sleeps, and just started recording when her dad comes to get her, how blah and sad she looks when she sees his truck pull in…so right now we only have one of those…this is not fair to the child to FORCE her into something…when its SUPPOSED to be whats in the childs best interest!!! what in the world can someone do to help their child and not ruin them for life when you SEE that its NOT working for the child and you see the effects that its having on the child???


You can file a motion to modify and ask the court to reconsider its decision based on the new information.


what would we need to do to go before a different judge? the judge we had was very biased, didnt allow ALOT of crucial evidence in, AND is highly known in our county for ruling on a case BEFORE its even heard in a courtroom…which is exactly what happened in our situation. we know she isnt a fair judge, and our case was totally ruined between her and with our sorry pathetic attorney that we had.

how high…or low…are the chances that a judge will see these behavior issues as problems relating to the schedule and change the schedule?

since the court ruling was set to be a 2-2-3…but is, in reality, a 2-2-5-5 schedule, due to manipulations of the father and his attorney …what are the odds that that can be changed to what its supposed to be even if the judge refuses to
listen to how this schedule is affecting the child?

the BIGGEST problem that we are going to have is that the father SWEARS the child doesnt have any of the health/temperament/night terrors/sleep issues at his home…HOW can we get a judge to understand that the father is a liar and a manipulator?? we THOUGHT we were going to be able to prove that in court, but, the judge wouldnt hear our evidence. its OBVIOUS that the father is denying these issues for fear of losing time with his daughter that HE himself doesnt want…its his PARENTS that wanted the time with the child…as he lives with his parents. i know we have videos of the sleep issues, the one video of the child not wanting to go with her father…but what exactly will be enough to show the judge that this child is being harmed mentally and emotionally with this crazy schedule?

no one wants to take the child away from the father…lets be clear on that…BUT there HAS to be a reason why this child is behaving and having issues that shes having…but until she can communicate better and understand things…we have no idea whats happening to make her not care about spending this huge amount of time with her father/grandparents.

one other issue we are having…this is one way of manipulation…the father asks this 2 year old child if her mommy still lives at home with her parents…(because he heard rumors that her mommy moved out…which is definitely not even close to being true)…she doesnt understand what hes asking…and she says no…he believes her!!!..this is in an email that the father sent to the mother!!!..he literally sent the mother an email asking her that question and telling her that he asked the 2 year old!!!..the child also comes home every single time talking about mothers boyfriend …saying hes mean, that daddy said to say hes mean…the child is RARELY around this boyfriend…mother and boyfriend ONLY sees each other when the child is at the fathers home…with few rare…very rare occassions…that they spend time together when child is with mother. in the 2 years that mother has been dating this guy…he MIGHT have been around the child 10 times…father knows the boyfriend…and is angry because they USED to be friends… are these things that the courts would look at as well???

oh and…a friend has a “fake” facebook account…she added the father…the father and this “girl” started chatting one night…and she was asking him out etc…now, keep in mind, this was a weekend that he had his child……she had asked about meeting up the following night…and asked where he lived…he literally gave her the street name…of which she “is familiar with” because she “lives” in the area…KNOWING that his child is at home with him…not having a clue who this girl is at all!! …what would the courts think of this situation?? a house number is not given…HOWEVER, it wouldnt be that hard to locate his home…he and his family lives on a farm…which is a named farm…and he has pics of the named farm on his fb…so it would be VERY EASY to locate his home by these pics…hes CLEARLY more interested in girls…than the safety of his own child.