What about childrens rights?

I think you do not need a lawyer to file for custody but it would be smart to have one because custody battles are nasty and the other can try to make you look bad and etc.

I am trying to get custody of my child here in Fla…I think I will get it because of the abuse my baby and I were subjected to before I left his father and the fact that the judge here has made it very clear that he will never let my child go back to his father ever let alone NC.

Good Luck.

No one wins in divorce only the Lawyers do!

Dear evercoat:

Here is my advice - COUNSELING QUICK! See an attorney, get a restraining order if possible, get your children in to counseling, ask for a psychological examination. You must do all you can to protect your children. Best of luck.

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I agree with Mrs.Fritt(z)

However, I have learned that it is made to determine a mental problem in any person that takes it including those that ARE sane and have no mental problems. So, keep that in mind if you ask her to take that eval.

Also ONLY 95% of the people that take that eval she mentioned fail it.

No one wins in divorce only the Lawyers do!

Obtain good legal counsel and emotional counseling for the children. When children are involved the whole situation can get very emotional and difficult. Don’t let your spouse control you or your children.

My boyfriend is separated at this point and will be filing for divorce in January. His X-wife has custody of their 2 children at this point but it is not full custody, it is shared because he is in the Marine’s in Jacksonville NC and she is living in Iowa. Here is our problem and where we need advice. First thing,He has child support taken out of his pay every month and she also receives housing allowance plus he sends extra money for the kids. She has been threatning he that if he does not send more money on top of what he is sending she will not let him talk to the kids. Now for the third time she has picked up the kids and moved out of state without telling him, he has been trying to get intouch with them for a week and she finally called yesyerday and said that she moved to Indiana. Is this legal and he is afraid the she will pick up and take off and never hear from her or the kids again. Does he have rights here and should we get leagal council?

First of all I would like to thank you for this forum. Can anyone tell me how to prove that my x is threatning our children? When my childrens additude changes after their mom calls. i got suspicous so I recorded a few conversations. I learned that she tells the kids that if they dont tell me they want to come home she will get the cops to come and get them .And that if my girlfriend is their she will get her lawyer to take me to court and they wont be allowed to come see me anymore. My children cant come and visit without her causeing some kind of problem to stress them out.I have had the same girlfriend since we split up and I cant marry her because it would allow my x to move in whomever she wants or her to move in with someone .The only problem is she has went through about 5 guys the past year and been enguaged to 2 of them, the last one tried out a car and took the salesman for a 100 mph ride and was sent to some mental hospital. the boyfriend she has now is a drunk,my boy wont go around him .I have a rouyl mess on my hands and bottom line My children are the ones suffering the most. I lost my job ,i have to pay child support and every lawyer i speak with wants 1000-2000 $ to take her in for contempt. What about the children ? Should we not be able to file for coustody in nc without a attorney? I had to file bankrupt and cant borrow the money .