What am I liable for ...?

Dear MAmodeo:

Greetings. After you pay child support for your two (or three) biological children, you may not be making more than she is, as her take home pay including child support may be more than yours. No alimony in my opinion.

You should split the bankruptcy debt if you filed together.

I do not think that you are trying to skrik your duties at all… just asking realistic questions. Best of luck.

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney at Law
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My wife told me that she want’s a divorce. I believe, and am trying to gain the proof, that she’s cheating on me and that 1 of our children might not even be my biological child. I think that it’s been going on for maybe 2 years. We have 3 children, my sons’ I know are mine (100% positive), but my daughter may not be. I have not questions concerning my child support responsibilities concerning my sons, but with my daughter I do. What if I’m not the biological father & she lied & deceived me the entire time? Will I pay child support for all 3 children? She also said that she will get alimony. We both work … I make about 25k more than she does.

We also rescently filed for chapter 13 and I’m currently paying the entire amount, which is being deducted (by choice) from my paycheck. Do I have to retain the financial responsibility for the entire $600 per month for that chapter 13 payment? I am also going to have to get my own insurance for myself & the children, which my company doesn’t provide but does reimburse for approximately 40% of the monthly cost. I just know that if she gets everything that she’s stated, and wants, that I will basically have about 15%-20% of my monthly bring home pay to live on myself.

I’m not trying to, and would never, shirk my responsibilities as a father and for providing for my children, but she has flatly stated that she’s going to milk me for every single dime that she can & doesn’t care if I have to get a second or even third job.