What are my options?


This isn’t your problem. You can’t actually keep someone from being around unless they are a real threat–in this case, I doubt that, or you would have said something about it. No, this is your husband’s problem. If they are going to be together, then A) dad needs to mitigate the problem; and B) you need to support him. I know there are lots of raw nerve endings about this but REMEMBER that you have two DAUGHTERS. Good mom or bad, if they don’t have a strong, solid father to look up to, they will find the first guy who pays them some attention and the rest is a disaster.


Dear Mislead by a “friend”:

Greetings. First, at age 5 and 6, these children only need to know that both Mommy and Daddy love them. They don’t need to know why Mommy or Daddy is moving out, etc. I would advise that you and your husband go see a child psychologist with the children to help figure out what is age appropriate. If the children are saying that they don’t want to see someone, they are getting that from someone or something at this age.

Yes, you could ask the court that she be refrained from spending time with your children, but if your husband remarries her, she will see them every time he does. Best of luck.

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This is basically a curiosity question for now.
My husband has made a decision that he may leave me for another woman. My husband and I have 2 daughters together and until the part of him leaving for her they liked the woman. Now that all of this has happened, they cannot stand her. They are 5 and 6 years old and I know that there is the law that states that they are not given an opportunity as to where they want to stay until they are …12?..but they have made it clear that they do not want to see or stay with this woman. They feel like she is taking their daddy and that she is being “mean” to me…lol. Their words. They want to see their daddy if he leaves and I have no problem with that. I want him in their life and will never try to stop him from seeing them. But, my question is…if they really do not want to see this woman or visit their daddy with her around…and they are very passionate about this…is there anything that I can legally do to make sure that they do not have to be submitted to spending time with the woman that has broken up our marriage? It is very complicated and I have told them that I will not stop them if they want to see her but if they really do not want to then I will not force them to be there and around her. The sad thing is he is telling them that it takes two. He would rather have them hate him instead of feeling bad towards her. I mean he is their father and he is expected to make mistakes…they are his kids, they can forgive him but she is nothing to them. He has basically said that he would rather be without his kids than to be without her for a short period of time to be with them. It is really sad for me to think that he could actually live happily knowing that he would rather not have any time with his kids than to not have a day or so with her. Is there anything that I can do if it comes to this situation or do I have to force my children to be around someone that they really cannot stand being around?