What are my options?

I am sorry to hear about your troubles. In North Carolina, any property that is purchased during the marriage is going to be marital property, with few exceptions. So, even though your wife did not contribute to the purchase of many of the items in your home, she is still going to be entitled to an equitable distribution of that property. That does not necessarily mean she will get half, but it is certainly possible.

As far as her relationship with another man, it should keep you from having to pay her any alimony. Talk to your attorney about the details of this for your case.

Good luck!

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Ok. As is, my wife left me on the 18th of Oct. She said that she wasn’t in love with me any more. And only based her leaving on that. Less than a week later. She already had a boyfriend. I never abused her mentally or physically. And I never ever cheated on her. She never had a real reason to leave other than her love for me. I always showed my affection for her and personally thought we had a good relationship up until the day she left. And I’ve tried to get her to work it out with me, counseling or any thing. She’s refused all that. But she cannot possibly take care of herself. She makes about $100 a week under the table from her uncle. Every thing from the house to our cars are all in my name. I bought and paid for every bit of it. I personally valued our marriage and valued her companionship. But I don’t want her to take half of every thing I’ve paid for since she hasn’t put any thing into it. She neglected the majority of her “wifely” duties. Not to mention that it really gets to me that she had enough respect for our marriage to get a boyfriend 4 days after she left and to be exact, 4 days after i found out that there was a problem with our marriage (personally i think she had him lined up for it). And the fact that the “boyfriend” has enough respect for a marriage that he’ll go out with some other man’s wife before the bed is even cold. I have much higher moral standards than that. What are my options? And I do plan on seeing a lawyer sometime next week. If I can get some time off from work to do it. I’ve still got to clear it with my supervisor.