What are my rights in North carolina?


My husband and I have been married over 7 years ago, we have a six years old.
Two years ago, I have learnt that my husband has been with two prostitutes, then he told me after many lies that he was addicted o porn movies, he went to peep show and strippers club regularly…He then belonged to a SLAA group (sex addictions). He also has been a regular drug users with his friends behind my back (cocaine,LSD,morphine pills,extasy).This happened in Amsterdam…Over 6 months ago we moved to North Carolina,and my situation got worse as my husband is very controlling financially(i have to ask him permission for my spending and do not have a checkbook, I have to go around by bike since he does not want to buy me a used car (he is making over100k/year with his company) so I have to pick up my son every day by bike wther it is rainy or sunny. Two weeks ago, my husband decided to have an open marriage, I said OK(I am drained emotionally) but after after I let him know he might lose me forever if he is continuing doing this…but he put his profile on different dsites (ashley madison,cougar life) trying to hook up for sex…I have forward all the evidences to my gmail…Next week he is meeting with a woman for sex…
I am in shock and do not know what to do…since I am originally from Europe but have a green permanent card. Please, let me know what to do as I am lost,looking for help.


That’s horrible. Step 1 is for you to decide whether or not you want to (1) do nothing, (2) fix your problems, or (3) stay with him. Only you can answer that question. For me, it was the most difficult part of the process.

If you decide #2, counseling is in order. If you decide #3, then you need to begin visiting lawyers for advice regarding your separation. Sorry to hear your trouble and I wish you the best, regardless of what you decide.