What are my rights...my wife's rights?


I feel for you bro,
I am not a lawyer but I know someone who went through the same thing you have been through and the best advice I can give you is to get the toughest lawyer you can get your hands on. Women can be sweet and kind but turn into ruthless barracudas during a divorce.


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I think that I see another 2niceaguy. Sorry bro, but you are up the creek without a paddle. Being a good husband, especially since you tried to work things out, will get you nothing but trouble in a NC divorce hearing. Hopefully she had committed adultry again, so you will be spared alimony.

Best wishes to you, and hopefully you can do better than myself by learning not to be so nice if you every remarry. Get you a Harley, cool leathers and dew rag, spend most of your time with the guys, and women will cling to you like you are the fountain of youth.


Dear freefromchains and other guys that are commiserating:

Greetings. First, depending on the situation, you may have condonned her affair, which means that if you are the dependent spouse, then you will still have to pay alimony. Otherwise, I am not sure what your specific question is, so please ask again. Thanks

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My committed adultry eleven months ago and openly admitted to it. I tried to forgive her and make our marriage work, hard as it was, for eleven months following. We tried therapy sessions with two different marriage counselors to no avail. I went on a skiin trip to Utah March 3-7. At which time, I thought that our marriage finally had a chance. Boy was I wrong, when I returned, we went immediately to meet with our therapist and that is when I found out that she was in fact LEAVING ME! What the hell is going on? She is the one that was unfaithful and now she abandons me?? My question is simple, what according to NC state law is she entitled too, if anything?? We have no children and we both are gainfully employed. Thank you in advance for your reply as I am lost without a paddle.