What can I do?

You will need legal representation in order to pursue a personal injury claim against the “other woman” for alienation of affections or criminal conversation. These are complicated claims that cannot be effectively prosecuted without the proper training and expertise.

However, you can obtain child support without hiring a private attorney. Follow this link [url]http://www.dhhs.state.nc.us/dss/cse/cse_hm.htm[/url] to the North Carolina Child Support Enforcement Agency’s website. There you can get information about applying for assistance in getting a court order requiring your husband to pay child support and in enforcing that order should he fail to comply. You can even fill out an application online.

You may be able to have your husband required to pay post-separation support or alimony to you, as well, but child support enforcement does not handle support for spouses. You would need legal representation to pursue that claim. Follow this link [url]http://www.rosen.com/alimony/[/url] to get more information about alimony on our website.

You and your spouse might also be able to reach an agreement on some of these issues by engaging in mediation. A mediator can help facilitate discussion and agreement on the resolution of your financial claims. You can mediate with or without attorneys. Follow this link [url]http://www.rosen.com/ppf/ID/620/mediation.asp[/url] to information on our website about mediation and other types of alternative dispute resolution.

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Is there anyone or place can turn to to gertting financial help for a divorce or sep? Both husband and I can not afford the attorney fee’s for a sep/div…But in mean time I can not let the woman or husband go unpunished for the alienation or adultery they have committed…How do I go to get help???