What Can I Take?


If my wife has been served papers for divorce, and she doesn’t think that it’s going to happen. And she won’t talk about selling the house, or a custody schedule with my son. And she didn’t make her appointment to see an attorney for 1 month and 3 days from the date that I gave her the papers. I am now going to leave the house and get my own apartment, continue to pay the mortgage and ALL exspences for 3 months until she gets a job.

What furniture can I take with me when I move out? Can I only take the funiture that I bought before we got married? I only want my bedroom set that I bought way before we got married, but we have 2 flat panel TVs, that we bought while we were married, can I take one?



You may take anything that you owned prior to the marriage, and up to half of the martial furnishings including a television.