What do I do?

Your wife cannot kick you out of your house. The only way you can be removed from the house is either because of domestic violence, or if your wife files a Divorce from Bed and Board, and a judge orders you to leave the house. You should contact an attorney in your area and talk about having a separation agreement drafted. Considering the debts you’ve just listed, you really want to have something in writing that divides the responsibility for those debts equitably.

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My wife and I moved to NC lat Spet. 2003. While things were a little rough before and after the move, I thought this move was a change for the better.
I quit my job shortly before we moved down here (from Maryland) and haven’t been able to find one since.

Three days ago, she told me that she does not love me anymore and wants a divorce. I asked her if she liked someone else and she stated “no.” The next night, I asked her again and she told me that she had fallen for a guy at work (even though she stated that he doesn’t even know that she likes him). She apparently has not consummated the affair but since she has lied about it in the past, I could not believe her. She has confided in him about our marital problems in the past few weeks (without telling me about her issues/problems).

Since I did not have a job and she did, her name was on the mortgage loan (though we both signed it and have our names on the paperwork, even the deed). We paid off one car when we moved down her but just bought a truck three weeks ago that, again, she signed for. I am trying to find a job, but it’s difficult. What can she do to me (kick me out?), what are her rights and what are mine?