What if one person doesn't want a divorce?

Ok so I realize that this may not make any sense to anyone else, BUT my husbands wants a divorce and I don’t. Is it legally possible to remain married even if he wants a divorce? Assuming that we get all the way to the front of the judge, who has to decide the case, are there any instances where the judge will not grant a divorce when one party wants it and the other does not? Other info: My husband has well, i guess lost his mind to some extent, he quit his job, abandoned me, left the country, moved in with another woman, all of this on top of a multitude of affairs, and I have always been loyal and honest. (Like I said I’m sure it doesn’t make any sense to anyone on the outside but, I have my reasons.)


I believe so long as he has been living separate and apart for 1 year, then he may file for divorce and you will not be able to stop it.

No, once you have lived separate and apart for one year, there are no legal grounds to prevent a divorce.