What is accurate?

The calculator is accurate if you fill in the correct information. The Social Worker that filled out the form should have known from your custody order if it was joint or shared custody. There are three different forms and if you go to NC DSS web site you can go under parent and look up all three forms and the guidelines. It is your ex’s responsibility to get current correct information to DSS so that the forms can be filled out properly and you should let them know that she is working full time and ask the social worker to reprocess this.

I called the social worker and had a few words with her. She admitted after I pointed out the fact that I have my son for over half the year, that she had filled out the wrong worksheet. So that saved me a couple hundred dollars.

Still, I will probably contest the findings based on the fact that I found out how much my ex said she makes a month and know that to be incorrect information. I will try to get proof of her income so that I will be able to show that she actually makes more money than what she told them.

Will she get in trouble for turning in false information? Just curious.

Not sure on her getting in trouble. She should because it’s called defrauding the government, but she could always say that she didn’t realize they didn’t have her current information. Unless you can get it on record of her lying there’s probably not much you can do, but I would tell the Social Worker that you know for a fact that the amount of her income has increased since she started working full time. Mention it to the Social Worker and ask if there has been a proof of income for your X done for this worksheet.

Dear 143:

Greetings. If you found an error, which can happen with any program, please let us know so we can fix it. However, I believe it to be accurate at this time.

You must have over 124 overnights, over 1/3 of the time, to be on worksheet B and an every weekend schedule does not get you there - 8 or 12 overnights - depending on how you count is still ess than 124. You would clearly be on worksheet A with the schedule you stated herein.

As far as the new job - if her income would change the child support substantially, you may still be able to get it modified. Good luck.

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How accurate is the child support calculator that can be found on the home page?

I did the calculator about a month ago and got an idea of what my new CS would be with my ex.

Well, she just called me to tell me that they have decided on the new amount and it is almost $400 more than what the calculator said. I am thinking that the socail worker filled something out wrong because there is no way that I could be expected to pay so much. I have my son every weekend which I thought meant for paperwork purposes that we would fill out form B for joint custody.

The thing is that my ex just started a new job but she listed a seasonal job that she gets every year. So, when I talked to the social worker she said that they would take her income from last year verses my income for this year. They told me this is what they do when a person has a seasonal job and can not bring in a pay stub. At the time the paperwork was due, my ex was recieving unemployement and a week after she turned in her paperwork she started a full-time job.

Wouldn’t my ex be required to supply the information about her current job? How is it fair for them to take my current financial information and not take her current information.