What State to talk with lawyer

To all:

I have been married 22 years and we moved to Wilmington, NC August 2009. On November 5, 2010 my wife took my 13 year old daughter and moved to Memphis, TN. so when I got home from a business trip they were not there. She put our daughter into a school in Memphis and moved is with a friend and arranged for Mayflower to come pick her items up the 9th & 10th. I in the meantime had to pack my items and move in with my sister in VA. I will be moving back to either Raleigh or Wilmington once I get my feet under me again which could be 8-12 months. There is more to all the details however my question is where should I seek legal advise right now. In NC or VA where I will be living for now?

Secondly, we had a jooint checking account where my pay goes every two weeks, should I get my name off the account or ask her to close it? Also, should I start to have my pay put into my sole account and then transfer money into that account or an account she designates? I just found out this monring by looking at the bank statement she withdrew $1,000 that took the account negative without my permission. Please advise.


Since the child is now in TN and no party remains in NC, you must file your custody action in TN. The action for distribution of assets can be filed in NC.
I suggest you move forward and remove your name from the joint account, and transfer your direct deposits into a new and separate account in your sole name.