What to do?

My husband and I have been married 5 years. Our marriage has endure mental, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. During our marriage he kicked me out of the house twice and the third time I just got tired of the abuse and left on my own. As usually I came back because I thought the marriage was savageable, Unfortunately I was so wrong. Recently, we purchase a home in April 2005 and things were going well until August 2005 when he kicked me out of our bedroom to sleep in the guest room and that is where I have been ever since. He also told me to get my own phone line, let me remind you there are 4 other workable jacks within this home. Finally, I had enough and I have realized that this marriage can not continue and I seeked counsel for a separation. I came home that day and discuss this with him, and insisted that he find a lawyer so we can settle this and move on, he refused stating get the papers and I will sign it. Of course, I did not believe that. A few days later he stated he would not sign no papers and that he will not pay me spousal support. Now I never bought that up, so I realized he has been talking to someone. After that everything went down hill. I have been seeing a physician for emotional abuse and put on Xanax twice a day. He has been verbally abusing me badly and calling me 2,and 3 in the morning and making physical abusive threats of what he is going to do to me. Finally, I went to the clerk of court for a Ex Parte order on 10/9/03, he was moved from the home that weekend on 10/11/03. First, thing Monday morning 10/13/03 he had the power to our home turned off. On Wednesday 10/15/03 we had our court appearance. We both had counsel. They had a continuance until 11/5/03 but the judge ordered the power be restored that day. Of course with his grudge against me I had to call the utility office to make sure he follow through with the court’s decision. Of course he did not. I talked to 2 reps and they stated he requested the power be restored the following day 10/16/03. The Ex Parte stayed in effect until then. Since then he has called me and had his sister call me also. I know he has violated the Ex Parte Order what will happen next? What are my chances for a separation and spousal support? He brings home $4000.00+ monthly while I bring home $1400.-$1600. monthly. We have no children together, he has pension, retirement, and health. I do not have any of that on the job I’m currently at. He is requesting the house and that is fine with me. We do not have anything jointly combining our names. What are my chances? and his?