I have been marries for 10 years to a man who always yells at me and calls me a bitch.He made over four hundred dallars worth of phone calls to his x-wife.And called me a bitch when I found out.He goes away on the weekends and spends all his money he has in the bank.He has been messing around with another women for over a year.He tells me they are friends and he don’t see anything wrong with talking to her on the phone.she left a message on his cell saying I need some deep deep loving it has been a week now.I had a house when I married him,but took out a loan to pay off some bills.He signed the loan but his name didn’t go on the deed.I want a legal seperation and he tells me he is going to get half the house if I do.The man is doing drugs and I have call the police several times about him doing them in the house.I have called the police to get him out of another women house he spent the week end at.I don’t know what to do.I am getting sick over this and I feel as if I am losing my mind.Please can you give me some advices.