What to expect in court?

Dear Suszn:

Greetings. You can expect that the social worker assigned to your case and the child support attorney will take care of setting the amount of child support for you. You have not opened a can of worms and his childish, irresponsible intimidation tactics are working on you, no?

The bottom line is that you would not had to go to Child Support Enforcement if he had sent you child support voluntarily and been an adult about the situation. Do not worry, they will take care of you. Best of luck…and keep your head up knowing that you are doing the right thing to take care of your child(ren).

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney at Law
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Mecklenbury County Child Support Enforcement has just served my ex his papers to appear in court for Child Support. He of course NOT happy. But he’s calling me asking/telling me, the papers he received are claiming I’m indigent and might be on welfare. I’ve never claimed that. He’s bringing a lawyer since I will have one. I’m assuming he is speaking of, I guess, it’s a court appointed attorney from the county’s child support enforcement agency. Now, he’s making me feel “I’ve opened a can of worms”. And don’t know what I’ve started. I know this is part of me allowing him to make me feel as I have no right to ask or expect anything. All I want, is him to pay a set amount of child support on a schedule. I’m not looking to get rich, I just want him to be responsible for his financial duties as a father.

I’ve appear in court several times (they were unable to locate his residence) I never noticed anyone with a lawyer. What can I expect in court? Thanks for your help.