Where to begin


I have been thinking about getting divorced for a long time. I have been married for 8 yrs. Everytime I mention how unhappy I am, my husband tells to move out. I dont want to move and loose rights to everything so i have contiuned to live here miserable. My husband is constantly putting me down. He claims I dont do anything although the house is mostly always clean. I mentioned divorce a couple a weeks ago. I told him he could have all the new furiture and all i wanted was the kids bedroom funiture and own guest room bed and half the money we would net from selling the house after paying off all the bills ecept his current student loans he is making right now as he attends law school. We already paid the student loans he made before we got married and only started paying after marriage. i dont want to pay for his future degree. he said i could give up my rights to the property but he was still going to make me pay for my half of his law school loans because he asked for extra money to pay off credit card debt, most of which was made to purchase the new furniture and pay off his old student loan. I dont know where to begin. he thinks i am just making threats to leave but am not going anywhere. He continues to put me down and call me names and he does it in front of the kids also. i continue to stay in live in this situation because i know that i can not support myself and my kids on my income alone and i dont know how to get started. all i know is that i will end up in complete depression if i continue to do nothing. Please tell me where i should begin because although i would like to keep things as civil as possible, i have a feeling he is going to make it a dirty fight since he ism more knowledgeable in the subject. He also claims to get costody of the kids but i am not worried about it cause i am a teacher so he cant prove i am unfit since i care for others children 40 hours a week.


You are entitled to receive half of the value of the martial property, and will not be responsible for his future loans. Though the amount of debt that was incurred during the marriage (especially what was borrowed to cover living expenses) is martial and subject to division.

Unfortunately since your husband is still in school, I don’t see the availability of support, but without knowing all of the facts I can’t be sure.

Threatening to “take the children” unfortunately is common. Unless you have done something to harm your children he will not be able to take them away from you.

The best advice I can give you is to set up a consultation with a lawyer. In a consultation you will be free to discuss all if the issues in your case confidentially and will be able to arm yourself with information specific to your needs. I wish you the very best.