Who has the right to live at home?

He moved out; change the locks; he can only move back in if you let him.


I agree, change the locks! If you guys decide to get a divorce make sure you ask to stay in the home for the sake of your children. Inform the judge you want the house because it’s a stable enviornment and you want to keep their home they’ve grown up in. If you are granted custody of the children more likely you will be awarded the home for you and your children. I got the home that my ex and I shared together for 10 years. The house is under both of our names but since I was given primary care of my daughter I was able to stay in the home. Hope everything goes well.

My husband and I separated 6 weeks ago, at my request. We have 2 children: 12 and 18. At the time he wanted to be the one to move out, took his clothes and got an apartment. Now he says he shouldn’t have to pay for an apt since he has a house and he wants to move back in, keep the kids and have ME move out. We both originally purchased the house, both names on the title, etc. Does he have this right? Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Thank you for any information you can offer.