Wife is having an admitted affair

my wife has admitted to have an affair for the past three months and has said she plans on continueing it. she is planning on moving out of our house by the end of september, we have discussed joint custody of our 7 year old daughter (week on week off) the problem I am having is i work from 3pm to 1am and have asked my employer to change my schedule and they said no. i have the oppertunity for a promotion that will move me to better hours and more money to care for my daughter however it will require me to relocate to Savannah, Ga. I have asked my wife about moving and she refuses. could I take the promotion and move my daughter with out my wifes consent? since she is the one having the affair and the leaving our home, can she stop me from doing that even though it is in the best intrest of my daughter.

You cannot move with your daughter unless a court issues an order granting you custody of your daughter. You must file suit for custody and present your case to the judge. If the court determines that it is in your daughter’s best interests to relocate to Georgia with you, you may go.