Wife moved in with man she was having affair


my wife told me 9 days after our 7 yr anniversary that she wouldn’t sleep with me because she had been talking to another guy, she also told me she was taking our 6 yr old son with her to move in with him.She went to sleep after we argued a while and I called a friend to come get me and my son.The next day I returned and she was gone .I opted to stay at my mothers house next door for a day she came by that night and said she was leaving the marital home so we could stay in the home.Three days later she returned said she was sorry and stayed for two weeks before leaving again on jul 17. Since then i have allowed her to spend time with our son away from the the boyfriend and his home. We have tried since day one to come up with an agreement but in looking out for the best interests of our son still have not allowed her to take him there.He is a known alcoholic in the town in which he resides and has 2 ex wives who claim abuse.He has told her several times to get out in the past 2 months and has now lost his house and is living with his mother. She decided to come back home sept 29 and stayed until oct 7. During this time she told me she came back to be with me and we were going to try to work out our marriage.She returned to the other guy. we both have history of marijuana use and drinking. I have stopped both since the first time she left. I would like to keep my son with me but am scared to go to court, but we cannot agree upon a permanent arrangement. i would like to add that i had a bogous DMC filed almost 4 yrs ago in which she tried to drop but couldn’t. i really need to know what to do and where i stand in the courts eyes. PLEASE HELP!


If you cannot agree on a custody arrangement you will have to seek the court’s assistance. Your history of drug and alcohol use could be an issue, however if you can demonstrate your efforts to improve the court will look to that in making a determination. It sounds like your spouse has the same issues and is not making an effort to work on them which will go in your favor. I suggest you meet with an attorney in the near future to discuss the specifics of your case and to create a plan of action.