A Divorce mess, I think I made a huge mistake


Stop trying to use the “I’m sad and depressed an don’t kow what to do routine”. First thing, you as a mother gave up your kids, he didn’t take them you both agreed so I think you got played. the only thing you probably can do is talk to a attorney. As a mother how can you leave your children.Apparently hes a good father.


When you signed the agreement did you have it noterized? From what I understand from attorney responses, if you did not, it is worthless.

Besides that I agree with Fatherdoright, you need to deal with the mess you made. You left the kids, not him. Scrap up the money and get an attorney. If everything that you are saying is true, he is playing you.


First of all I didnt leave my kids, we agreed to let them finish up the school year so they didn’t have to relocate in the middle of a school year. I have done everything we agreed to before hand. He has NOT. He has done everything to try and control or munipulate everything I do, which I have documented. Yes I made a mistake by signing the agreement while depressed but I was tired of the emotional and verbal abuse I was dealing with.


I was married to someone that was on oxycotin by prescription, and was violent toward others. I signed a seperation agreement to get away because I had been abused verbally and knew I would be next phyiscally. If you sign anything in NC you are bound to the contract. UNless you have pictures of the spouse beating the hell out of you. Now I have to sell my house and move because I was married to someone that was a prescription drug addict.


I understand what you are going through. I don’t think you are a bad mother for wanting your kids to finish the school year out but kids are resilient to change. I would’ve taken them with me. Now, if you have documented proof that you were going to counseling or had talked to a doctor about depression, you may have a case about signing under duress. If you can prove that his parents have the child and NOT him, school records, medical records, phone calls, you may also have a case there. As for the 2 bedroom, child protective services in NC wants a room for girls and a room for boys. You now have enough room for your children under the guidelines, screw what him and his attorney WANT. I suggest to you that you get a good job, don’t have live-in boyfriend, don’t get arrested for anything, and beg and borrow to get money to hire an attorney–a good one. Stay Strong, you are out of the situation so do good things with your life.



My husband was verbally and emotionally abusive towards me during our marriage. In September I was serverly depressed because of his verbal and emotional abuse. Plus he was doing some off the wall things. I have lots of friends in NJ (where we were from originally) and I’d e-mail, text or call them. My husband would take my cell phone and call or text my male friends saying he was my brother and say explicit things to them. He also did the same with e-mail. He told me he was advised by an atty in NC that as long as we are married, me speaking to any male, is grounds for adultry and that he can sue all my friends for alianation of affection. In September he said if I signed a seperation agreement I can leave and return to NJ. In my depressed state, I signed the agreement just so I can get away from the abuse and start all over. We have 3 kids, we agreed verbally that my kids could stay in NC with him until the end of the school year then return to NJ, we also agreed to me paying child support in the amount of $100 per week since I dont make that much money. However, he had a relative send him money to get an atty and they wrote up what I was told was everything we agreed on. In my depressed state, I just signed it so I could leave NJ and return home. I got settled and finally read the agreement and realized nothing we agreed on is in the agreement. The agreement basically benefits him. He changed the child support to $150 per week, he said we have joing legal custody but he has primary care adn custody, we have a 4 year old that he isnt even taking care of, he sent her to his parents who live out of state. When I call or e-mail my older 2 children, he deletes my messages and tells them their mother doesnt care and hasnt called or anything. He still to this day threatens me. He tells me either I agree to what he and his atty say or they will sue all my friends for alianation of affection. He dropped my kids off by me in NJ on Thanksgiving at 4am, and when he returned to pick them up a few days later he brought his girlfriend into my apartment without my consent. I was mad/upset but didn’t want trouble so I didnt say anything. But he called me up afterwards and told me that because a friend of mine had said he was a jerk while my kids were in the other room, this was after my kids told my friends what explicit things my husband had said about him, that he was having all my visitations cancelled and that now I had to abide by his and his atty’s decisions since I dont have an atty, nor can I afford to obtain an atty. He also said that he and his atty have problems with my 2 bedroom apartment. I told him I got the 2 bedroom for now and once I have the children I plan on getting a bigger place but for now this is what I can afford. Is there anyway I can get the agreement declared null and void since I signed it under duress and he is still continuing to try and control and munipulate me.