My husband and I separated Oct. 16, 2005 - we briefly tried a reconciliation but I caught him at her house during the day and told him to leave our home, after which he moved all his stuff back into her house. Before this, he had left his SS check in our joint account which helped pay the expenses, etc. He has since removed that SS check from the account and has paid me nothing for 1/2 the home and myself. I have a SS check for about the same amount as his. I also had to have him arrested for Domestic Criminal Trespass -coming to where I live, breaking in the garage and taking stuff. He is not answering my calls or contributing in any way to anything. When I file for divorce, how will affect the decisions-do I have any recourse? I went to a lawyer and he wanted $3500 to start a post separation action-I don’t have the money. What do I do. I don’t have money to pay bills. Yvonne[:(]