Adultery via Solicitation of Prostitute

My husband and I seem to be at a point where we can no longer stay together. I have discovered he has been soliciting prostitutes. He admitted he placed a personal ad and set up accounts with sites like The Erotic Review and Ashley Madsion, however denies he’s actually seen it through to completion/sex, however based on the volume of inquiries he has made to dozens of different women over the past 18 months and the fact that he hid a prescription for an Erectile Dysfunction drug I am certain that he has. I have information that confirms his invovlement with prostitutes via his email, but don’t know what means are allowed for acquiring the evidence since I obviously got it with out his knowleged. My question is does the fact that the infidelity was in an illegal form via prostiution, will that work in my advantage as I seek assets in the settlement.

I am so sorry to hear that you are experiencing this in your life. I have had the same thing happen to me with my now ex-husband and I also found out with the help of “spyware” on his computer. I can only tell you about my experience with this and emails/computers, so take it for what it’s worth. Upon the knowledge of the court of me seeing my ex’s emails, I was sanctioned so heavily in court for seeing his emails to the point where 1 judge has had to recused herself. I will be paying for this deed for years now. I was even given permission by my ex to view his emails and accounts, but the courts do not like this at all. I would tell you to get yourself a very good attorney and maybe a private eye to gather the evidence you need. Do exactly what your atty recommends.

There is no excuse for inappropriate behavior or illegal activities during the marriage that compromises the other partner or their trust. I still do believe in the sanctity of marriage however old fashion it is. I wish the best for you and the new life ahead of you. Good Luck.

The type of person(s) he engaged in an affair with do not statutorily give you an advantage, but it may be an aggravating factor that the judge considers in an alimony award.

So in the case of the previous poster should I be concerned about the “methods” in which this information was gathered. Most was gathered via his unpassworded blackberry emails and others were via his passworded laptop which he gave me the password for.

No, not if you had access and permission to access the device.