Advice on how to tell spouse you want a divorce

Anybody want to share how they told their spouse they wanted a divorce and whether if they did it all over again would they have said it differently? Was the reaction violent? I am not sure what to expect.

Hi Nice Guy,

I want you to notice how many people looked at your post. Alot. Seven hundred and something. And no one posted a reply. Why is that? Because there is no good answer my friend.

You will alienate your spouse immediately. No woman (or man really) will take this type of information kindly.

The laws in this state suck. Just think about it. If you leave and you’ll be charged for criminal trespass if you try to get back into the very house you probably finance.

The first one to leave the spousal residence loses. It’s still a War of the Roses state of affairs. Don’t forget it. Marriage is easy to get into…hard to get out of. I don’t think man or woman alike would disagree with this statement.

I totally agree. How is there a good way to tell a spouse. I think it depends on your situation too. I think it is rare that divorce is amicable. It was a shock for me. My X planned it for many months. Im now divorced and still hurting. Good luck. Id recommend involving a counselor and getting support for your spouse. Of course , providing a good separation agreement where you add the left behind spouse will go a long way too when emotions settle.

Well lucky for me my wife and I didn’t have anything to fight about except our 3 year old daughter. That cost me $6000+ to get custody. The divorce part was easy since we had no real property and she just took off to Alabama so all other property was abandoned and considered mine (2 vehicles, several household items, and oddly all of her clothes). I was nice enough to give all of her stuff to her. But as to the question of how to tell your ex… The only thing I could tell you and sit down and discuss how the other feels about the marriage. This way you could see if the other feels the same way you do. If you both feel the marraige is over then the rest becomes easy. The easiest thing to do is to work on agreeing on everything before anyone moves out. If you can have a seperation agreement drawn up you can both go to the same attorny to type it up. As long as everyone is in agreement you are not looking at paying too much. It is the fight that costs money. Not to mention the time.