Alienation of Affection and 50b questions

According to my husband’s former (?) mistress, he was telling her for two years that he was divorcing me. Yet she knew he lived with me and had been to my house on numerous occasions to visit him while I was there with our child.

In an alienation of affection suit, what would her statement regarding what she was told be worth? Is that hearsay? What proof is on me? I have copies of texts and her own admission of their affair and the duration of it. Is the purpose of that type of suit to win money in damages? She has none for sure.

He has had a restraining order on her since last June and it’s still in place. However, they are friends again and she was at his new house. How does that work?! Because my husband isn’t enforcing the restraining order now it’s just meaningless?

What could I have done about her being at my front door when apparently my name is on this restraining order as well? It’s a 50b.

Alienation of affection requires you to prove there was genuine love and affection in your marriage, the love and affection was destroyed, and the wrongful acts of the defendant are responsible for the destruction. Technically, the 50B is still in place and he would have to go to court to have it set aside.