Alienation of Affection Question

Known this man for over 25 years but had lost contact thru the years. Recently began talking and well - now I am in a full fledged affair. Both of us are married but I have recently begun separation process. He has been separated before several years ago and says has not been happy since returning to spouse in 2010. His spouse’s family is very wealthy and he has it made as long as he stays with spouse…quite frankly…I don’t blame him for not leaving before. They have had issues and not gotten along for many years. Now he is ready to walk away from it all and is ready to move across the state to my area and start over. No children involved - all grown. Question…I have very little, a home - that’s about all, a little savings, some 401K. His spouse has suspicions and has informed him that she will come after me for alienation of affection and take everything I have… What should I expect and how do I handle?

As the old adage goes, “hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” If she gets a judgment against you, there are exemptions you can file which includes certain assets up to set values (like houses, cars, retirement accounts, bank accounts) so you may be judgment proof. It really depends on your assets, but if she is wealthy, and she wants to pursue it, the cost of defending the action may be substantial.

Thanks for your help. I have heard that if she won the alienation of affection suit my wages could also be garnished? Is this a possibility?