Alienation of affection

Can hacked emails be used against me for alienation of affection? (And I mean hacking…she used her position at work to find the answer to the security question and opened an account that hadn’t been used in over a year. She used work time and computers to do this.) Emails included fantasies and expressions of love. They spanned a couple of months. At the time of hacking, the man and his wife were separated and had been for ten months. The emails were dated 18 months before the hacker found them.

She blackmailed him into returning home and threatened his job and to sue me if he didn’t do as she said. (We all worked in the same company) Upon his return, he contacted me to say we could have no contact. We hadn’t been in contact anyway, but she made him call. A few weeks later he called to let me know what was going on. I found out just recently that he had not been entirely truthful to me, I emailed him and we corresponded a week. We rehashed old messages and he proclaimed his love for me. I told him he needed to make choices and I was out of the picture. Again, the wife hacked his email and is back to saying she will take him for all he’s worth and sue me. If we only have emails against us, does she have a case?