Dear Daisy27:

Greetings. Even if you condonned it, he resurrected it by doing it again. His attorney must allege condonnation and then your attorney must allege the recrimination affirmative defense. It is just the way that things have to happen. You will still get alimony, as it is based on finances - not fault. Thank you.

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Husband cheated after 20 years of marriage. I took him back since I was a stay at home mom with a child in college and one at home. Now that we are divorced and alimony is pending he is using the condonation defense. He was not suppose to keep cheating with her but he did and eventually moved out and starting spending nights with her. Since he moved in with her isn’t this still adultery since we were still married? He thinks he owes me no alimony but he makes about 10 times more than I do. Will I definately get alimony and is there anyway to estimate what that will be? He has lied everytime we have been to court and done everything he can to hide income and inflate his expenses. Is there any way I can get a fair settlement?