Allegations of Threats and Exchanges

I am still waiting to hear about the continuance on my custody hearing, but I have another question.

My arraignment on the criminal charges (ex’s new wife filed charges stating harassing calls and threats) was on Friday. My hearing is 3/13.

I freely admint that I called her once, out of frustration, and asked her to leave me alone.

On top of this, “someone” called in a complaint to FL Child and Family Services. It was investgated and closed. The report was favorable for me.

The new wife has caused all kinds of problems since their marriage. My ex and I used to get along quite well before.

The new wife has sent me several e-mails over the past year, none of them nice.

I know this is hard to prove, but she intercepts my communications to my ex (regarding children) and responds as him.

I really would like for her to not be present for exchanges of the children. She causes too much tension for everyone, including my children.

What are the chances that a judge would agree to that?

If you present the evidence of the strain on the relationship between you and your ex, and express concern that her presence at the exchanges causes stress to the children, it is very likely that a judge could order she not be present at the exchanges.